Name: David

Age: 15

I live in Australia with my mum, we moved here when I was 12. I was raised in New Zealand. I'm in tenth grade this year, but I'm currently in the middle of selecting my subjects for year 11. I have an adopted cat with no name. I also have a dog called Zeus, he's 2 years old. He's some sort of mix between a great dane and a bull Arab. I really like animals. Someday I'd like to own a diamond python or something of the sort. I'm gay (or mostly, at least. I'm gay enough to be classified as such). I don't have any friends at my school, and the ones I do have aren't transferring until next year. Even then, I'm only really close with 2 of them.

I love watching YouTube videos! In an upcoming page you'll get to see a personal assortment of my favourite funny videos. I also spend a lot of time on forums like Reddit. As you might be able to tell, I spend most of my time online. But that's okay! I just love the internet and the friends I've met through it; what else am I supposed to do if I don't have anyone to hang out with me? I play some video games -- although not very many lately, considering I'm poor and the only console I have is a red ringed Xbox 360 I got for christmas in 2012. I've been told I have quite a knack for drawing! I don't draw too often because I'm always distracted by other things, but when I do it's pretty good. I'd like to get a Wacom tablet one day soon, maybe that would encourage me to draw more.